Make sure you get a dental check up today

So today I go to my dentist because I am feeling a little pain in my bottom tooth.

So I thought that the filling (which was kinda large) was cracked, although I couldn’t see evidence of a crack.

So I book my appointment and turn up, and my Dentist decides to check my other teeth at the same time. He also, does an xray on the tooth which was bothering (which was the bottom left hand molar) to see if there’s a crack.

So he puts up the xray image of the computer screen so that I could have a look at whadday know – there’s no crack.

So if there’s no crack, then what’s up with all this pain in my tooth?

I find out that it could be something to do with the nerves in my tooth and hopefully the nerve will settle down in the next few days. If it doesn’t then I’d probably have to come back and get a root canal.


I hate root canals, because the last 3 didn’t work and they cost me around $800 each, not to mention the pain that I went through as well.

So over the next few days I am just going monitor the pain I have in my tooth and if it get worse then go back to dentists christchurch.

Anyway, unfortunately that’s not the end of my story, because it turns out that the top tooth that is also filled, had a crack and it needed to have some work done on it.

So a decided to get that tooth fixed up while I was there.

What I like about my dentist is that he put on a numbing gel or cream on my gums before using an injection to numb the area. I can’t remember how many times I’ve gone to the dentists and had to endure the pain of the anaesthetic – and that shit was in there for a long time man.

Anyway to cut a long story short, my teeth are, all now, but with that being said, it just shows you that you should go see your dentist more often than you think. At least once a year is a good start – but twice a year is better.